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Moving Across The World is Really Hard

January 30, 2018

Let me start by saying that I’m well aware that it’s been a very long time since I posted on this blog. Since I started this blog a lot has changed. Let me explain. As you all know I’m South African by birth. A decade later my family moved to Canada. Obviously my brother and I felt like the cool kids because every summer we would fly across the world back to South Africa only for our family members and friends to say ‘the Canadians are back’. To me it was more than just being ‘Canadian’. The experience of being able to call two different countries on opposite ends of the world home was just a crazy concept which was my reality and thats what made it cool. When we moved to Canada, we really moved to Canada. What I mean by that is, we didn’t go to any big city. We lived in the flattest part of Canada and if you’re Canadian you know I’m talking about Saskatchewan. My best memories to date are from this very interesting part of Canada. The reason I’m telling you this story is because I want to illustrate how wonderful of an experience this was considering it wasn’t just me but, the whole family that moved to Canada.

Here’s where things got hard for me. I left high school at 16 and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. What I did know was that my parents showed me that if you have a dream you should go out into the world and bring it to life. If you read my about page this all sounds familiar to you. I finally reached the point in my life where it was me against the world along with the prejudices that would come with the adventure. I was finally going to college but, I wanted to study in Europe. So I got accepted to the biggest university in Central Europe and obviously when I found out I was beyond excited. Here’s the thing, I was visualizing the experience I had when we moved to Canada and how wonderful it was that I didn’t stop to think for a second that this might not be the experience I’m looking for. Finally departure day arrives and I’m flying with the old man because we don’t have any family in the country I chose so I think he just wanted to make sure that everything was legit. When we arrived in Europe it was like being back in Canada. So I thought. My dad and I realized very quickly that the locals aren’t very big into the English language which was not a terrible thing at all. It made the whole trip more exciting. We get to my accommodation and the people who work there don’t speak English so it took me a while to figure out if I was in the right place or not. Eventually I got the keys and I moved into my very lovely dorm (for now) and unpacked my stuff trying to realize that this is quite a big step I’ve taken in my life. A lot of people don’t realize that moving across the world is also emotionally taxing. To drop everything you were doing and leave everyone you know to start a new life is like taking an exam you didn’t study for. Luckily for me my dad was staying for the week and we explored much of the city and tried all the restaurants obviously because he was paying and also he sponsored all the Uber trips. For the next 90 days life was good. School is out of this world difficult but nonetheless life is good. I had some visa problems before I left so I had to go home to collect my long term visa. I was very much okay with this because I really liked flying.

When I got home I went to the embassy and they couldn’t issue the visa because of a technical problem on their side so I left the passport with them and they assured me everything would be alright which it was. Before I was meant to come back to school my cousin was getting married in Cape Town so I was asked to detour there first. The problem is that I had a wonderful time in Cape Town with friends and family who I barely get to see. On the day of my departure I was flying alone. This is where traveling and living across the world can crush your spirits. I arrived back in Europe thinking of the beautiful moments I had with people I don’t see often. It was a long drive from the airport to my dorm and when I walked back in my room I was an emotional wreck. I had to realize that sometimes you need to leave home and be by yourself to figure out who you really are. I wanted a life where I can travel as much as I want and the truth is that when you’re first getting started on solo travel it’s going to be really hard especially when you don’t know when you’ll see home again. So that’s where I’ve been for the past 4 months. Buried under my books and feelings. I also want this blog to be a place where people can share their own experiences whether they are good or bad.

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