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How To Preserve Your Devices Battery Life

August 15, 2017

1. Stop Over Charging

In a lot of cases the majority of smart phone users will plug in their devices whenever they find the opportunity to. Have you ever noticed on any of the devices you charge often they start to lose charge quicker and don’t last as long? Experts will tell you that smart devices can not be over charged. If you’ve ever left your phone in the charger for a long period of time you may have noticed that it only went up to 99%. Although your devices are smart enough to know when to stop charging, from 100% the battery can drain to 99% and when the device detects this it starts charging again. Effectively this deteriorates the life of a lithium-ion battery when done often.

2. Your New ‘100%’ Should Be 80%

If you’re a lover of tech you would know that charging your devices to 100% isn’t necessarily best practice. A good example is Tesla. Tesla’s cars at charge stations don’t charge to full capacity to increase the longevity of the battery cells. This means your battery life across your devices should last longer over time. Elon Musk is definitely on to something until we find a different medium of storing energy. Maybe one day our smart devices will have to be charged once a year. Until then I highly recommend not charging to full capacity.

3. Charge Just Before You Leave

Going back to the first point about over charging, I highly recommend you charge your devices when you wake up. I was fortunate enough to have an iPhone 6s that was on recall for a battery issue. After I got a new battery I never charged past that 80% threshold and it would consistently last longer than my old 5S which I consistently charged to full capacity and kept on ‘Low Power Mode’.

4. BatteryΒ Deterioration Takes Time

If you’ve read this and are considering changing your charging patterns its not too late. Battery cell degeneration takes a while to happen so most people should be good until they get new devices. For those of us who keep our devices until the eleventh hour this may be worth doing. Standard lithium-ion batteries last between two to three years but check out this more in depth article about battery technology. I just gave a quick tip guide on changing charging habits to prolong battery life.

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