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The 2 Biggest Problems With the Playstation 4

May 23, 2017
playstation 4

1. The Loading Time For Menus

I thought maybe because of the software updates there might be a huge bug that’s causing this problem. It’s been a few months now and my Playstation is still running slower than usual. So before you judge me, yes, I am a techie. If I had to illustrate how slow the console is, it’s like putting a snake on silk. With all these new features being added onto the software it only makes sense the software is heavier meaning more CPU power is needed. That’s all fine and dandy but, the problem is that a spinning disc hard drive isn’t ideal for handling large data while running an operating system concurrently. Β If you don’t know, when you delete files off a spinning disc you don’t get all the space that was used up back. Effectively your drive gets smaller the more you delete content off of it. This isn’t very good if you download 50 gigabyte games and then delete them when you’re done playing them. The best solution is to upgrade to an SSD. I know they’re very expensive and ideally you would want to upgrade the storage as well from the 500 gigabytes to at least a terabyte to keep more of your games on the local disc. Playstation should have considered offering an SSD version Playstation 4 for the players that download their games. When gaming off the hard drive of the playstation your games may load slower after a while compared to having a physical disc. Digital content has always been the future but this particular part of the playstation was out dated when the PS4 was released considering Sony is making a huge advancement on their online store. Again, it might only be me that’s having this problem. The result of this is that my Playstation has become a media consumption device. The ‘TV & Video’ menu takes about 5 minutes to show me the apps before I can even scroll down. I believe you shouldn’t enable all the menu items to appear on the main screen as that will increase loading times. Just to be clear this isn’t a complaint. I’m just voicing out my concerns just incase anyone else is experiencing the same problem I am.

2. The wifi chip is ‘interesting’

This one really breaks my heart. For a platform that’s committed to giving the best online experience they could Β give us a respectable wifi chip that can hold a steady connection. Β My wifi does about 100/mbps but, my playstation keeps losing the connection. I keep checking the network under ‘Test Internet Connection’ and for some reason the speed readings keep getting lower after each test. I think this might be a software issue. I don’t understand how I no longer have network features while I’m on Netflix watching 4K video. Or when I’m playing GTA online and everyone leaves the game room at the same time. It’s the worst while playing the division. It’s an inconvenience because here in Africa most people are plagued with bitterly slow internet. You’re probably telling yourself that I’m just spoiled but wait. Β At this point I might have to buy a PS4 Pro. Not because of the issues I’m having but, for the 4K HDR capabilities. I already have the correct TV so I should take advantage of the PS4 Pro. Again, no problem is impossible to solve. Considering the Playstation is made from so many different parts from so many different companies you can easily pop in a faster SSD and a new wifi chip that supports a 5GHz bandwidth. Just make sure the parts you get are compatible. My disclaimer is that you do this at your own risk.



The best advice I can give as a techie is to try and upgrade to an SSD for faster load times. Regarding the wifi chip, I think it’s possible to swap it out for one that also supports a 5GHz band. If you have found a working solution without having to do the upgrades please let me know in the comments below.


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