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Cape Town

May 5, 2017

The Europe of Africa. It’s probably has the largest number of Europeans outside of Europe. Here’s a backstory. A few years ago I lived in Canada. To get to South Africa you have two options:

1. The first one is to go through the United States and then catch a direct flight to Johannesburg.

2. The second one is to have an eight hour stop over in a European country of your choice (mainly, France, Germany and the U.K.) and then catch a flight to Johannesburg. (Note: all flights to South Africa first land in Johannesburg.)

When I arrived in Johannesburg I noticed the majority of European passengers are passing through and are transferring to Cape Town International Airport. After long years of not being in Cape Town I decided to take a trip and see what life was like down there. To no surprise there was a very large European population and two Americans that happened to walk by. As I was walking along the V&A Waterfront it became evident that the only South Africans you see are the ones working. This is in no way a bad thing. It just means tourism industry is booming in the heart of Cape Town. It resembles so much that is European from expensive property to terrible weather that can change in a matter of minutes. Seriously. The gale force winds are so strong in Cape Town it’s very rare you find a tree that is still standing up straight. Cape Town is the perfect place for young people where you find many millennial cafés and cheap AirBnb’s. At the AirBnb I stayed in there was an Australian traveller who was going to spend 6 months in Cape Town. I stayed at the AirBnb for free but daily life is being shaped by the people who visit the city. In the next few years Cape Town will be comparable to actual European cities in terms of cost. So, if you want to be in Cape Town, now is the time.

The point of this article is to highlight how globalization is shaping different cities. Cape Town is the hub of globalization in Africa. It carries qualities like the city of London which is having large diverse groups of people throughout the year and it’s still growing. Obviously there are internal problems but we’ll get to that another day. It’s politics. So maybe I’ll never get to it.

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