YouTube is The Future of Television

February 7, 2017

On demand. High quality. And personalized subscriptions. That sounds like a very convincing one of a kind formula that can change the face of television. YouTube is giant media company where content is produced by individuals. These individuals have the power to distribute their content directly to their audience and gain immediate feedback on what they have created and then have the ability to adapt to what the target audience is interested in.

Based on this concept and successful implementation, of course with a few flaws such as spam users, the overall usability and experience is like no other. YouTube has no competition and we can argue this to their nearest possible competition which is the iTunes Store. Wandii are you crazy?, YES. Why would you compare content that costs millions to produce to YouTube where anyone can post content?, I have a long winded answer to this but, keep in mind that YouTube is ad based and so is cable/satellite TV. On one hand we have YouTube which is a giant media company where anyone can access the content for free where as the iTunes Store is a giant distribution channel for content of which you obviously have to buy/rent because iTunes is not ad based. Wandii what are you saying?, I’m saying YouTube and Cable/Satellite TV have similar values in revenue generation which is ads. Where things get a bit difficult is that Cable/Satellite providers charge a monthly premium for content they are distributing to their users of which YouTube does not do. I believe YouTube RED is subscription based to eliminate ads but, in reality there’s no need to do that considering that YouTube RED has limited availability in a few regions.

When I introduced this article, I said “On demand. High quality” but, YouTube is internet based and you’re not guaranteed the best quality unless you have already done dirty dealings with your ISP. For many of us the internet connection we have in our homes is just average and if there’s an influx of people on your network the speeds are below average to a point where you decide 360p video is the new HD. What I’m proposing is that YouTube content is made available through Cable/Satellite companies which will have huge benefits for the growth of YouTube and added revenue for content creators. Not every video that is posted on YouTube should be made available via Cable or Satellite. Users that want their content to be made available via traditional means should sign up to do so. Let’s take some of my favorite YouTubers for instance such as MKBHD who mainly focuses on tech, I’m sure there are more than plentiful tech channels where his videos can be featured alongside many others who fall under this category such as Jonathan Morrison, Austin Evan, UrAverageConsumer and of course Lew from Unbox Therapy. That’s exactly what I’m trying to get at here. I’m trying to unbox the next biggest innovation in a technology group (mainly television) that has been left behind and outdated for a very long time. I guess Apple was correct in saying “The Future of Television is Apps” and unfortunately for Apple they didn’t know which app and again it’s an app they don’t own. If Google plays their cards right they could possibly become the biggest network operator in the television industry. I’m not the only one that sees this coming but also Casey Neistat who explained that the nature of television is changing and that YouTube allows for direct interaction with the audience. Another example would be a fair sized YouTuber who goes by the name of Salomondrin who also quit producing for big network companies because YouTube allowed him to produce what the people wanted. If you’re still lost let me put it like this, have you ever been bummed out that your favorite show was canceled because it didn’t get the ratings which were predicted in the United States but to find that the market was somewhere in Australia or maybe South Africa. Anyways the end result of opening up content creators to the world of cable/satellite tv would be: being able to determine where your work is wanted most and not having to cancel the entire project just because one nation doesn’t like it as much as the next.

To implement something of this magnitude would be a logistical nightmare… for Google. Keep in mind nothing is impossible considering YouTube started off as a dating website. The concept I have presented can work both ways even for big network companies. Say you have a subscription with a network company or YouTube (when they finally allow the world to have a RED subscription), it doesn’t matter which because in theory if your YouTube account is linked to your cable/satellite account and to further assume that these big networks will post their tv shows on YouTube (made widely available on demand); as long as you’re paying a premium somewhere you should be able to view content on demand and in high quality through the network or YouTube. This would be especially helpful for people with slow internet connections but still want extra crispy video quality which can be delivered through the DVR. In order for this to work, big networks would need to post content on YouTube that would be locked unless you have a subscription. Of Course all of what I’ve just said is words obviously and for any idea to be viable it would have to be profitable for Google, the network companies and of course the content creators. If Google took my idea into consideration the CFO (bless her soul) would have a headache that lasts a lifetime. On the plus side the world does have a few thinkers and something such as this would be possible.

These are my thoughts so far. Maybe if it does become a thing I’ll make a YouTube video about it. Or even better a live concept. This was just a quick outline on where I see the future of television. If you have any questions feel free to ask, unless you’re Google offering a student (me) a chance to work with the innovations team then just send me a plane ticket.

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