The New Mercedes C Coupé

February 7, 2017
Mercedes C Coupé

Whoever at Mercedes put forward this design, they really have their life together and they’re already succeeding in life. I must say that this car is an immediate attention grabber. So much so every time I park at a shopping centre, car cleaning services insist I get the car cleaned even if it’s already clean! The look gives it a lot more road presence and because it’s a new shape in the Mercedes line up, people are kinder on the roads and insist I go in whenever I change lanes. Most importantly it’s premium. There’s leather everywhere including the dashboard which is usually plastic in most consumer cars. This car is so premium that two months later I still smell fresh leather.
This is where my brother and I fight a lot because I say the AMG GTS has adequate boot (not trunk) space and he says the new C Coupé overall would be a better buy because if you’re a person that likes to take road trips the C class is the car for you unless you’re able to pack light and fit all your belongings into the GTS (remember no shopping, you don’t have the space). If you’re a tall person you can simply push the seat all the way back in the C Coupé and problem solved (best part: no unwanted passengers). It delivers more than adequate space for the driver and a passenger (potentially. If you like to roll like that). It has a big boot so you don’t have to worry about nonsense like not being able to withdraw your entire bank account and having to sit with the cash in the passenger seat so it also serves as a safety feature. The reverse camera is an extra I believe but, it’s an extra you need because the rear window is quite small. The camera is in wide angle to ensure you see a vast amount (please check your mirrors) in the event a BMW driver might pop up.
Too much attention is a bad thing. Although you may want attention, sometimes you want to be discrete in your dealings. Every speed bump you see has the potential kill your splitter (if you got the AMG package). The ride is so smooth you’re constantly over the speed limit which isn’t a problem if you know the area. The biggest and most irritating problem I have is that police stop me to see the car!
Never really cared to check this but it should be efficient because mine is the 220 diesel model and you can drive forever without checking the petrol gauge.

This car is meant for young(er) people and it can be affordable depending on the model you get. If you’re constantly worried about fuel the diesel engines are powerful yet very efficient (I wouldn’t know). Also a good choice if you’re a supercar owner and need a daily driver considering you always drive a two door so you’ll be okay. In my eyes the new C Coupé is a touch of brilliance.

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