Roomy’s Ice Cream Bus

February 7, 2017

Some of the best tasting ice creams can arguably come from places such as Creams (London), Dairy Queen (USA) and Myrna’s Dairy Treat which was in my old town when I still lived in Canada.

From a very colorful van anyone is bound to miss this iconic ice cream haven that served me ice cream that tastes like cookie dough (no joke). I don’t eat ice cream but my friends bullied me into getting a cup and I’m now reconsidering my life decisions. The worst thing about ice cream for me is if you can taste the ‘ice’ part of it. I know, I sound ridiculous. I didn’t pay for frozen water is what I’m getting at.

Roomy’s ice cream bus served me the highest quality ice cream and frozen yoghurt where I could not taste the ‘ice’… Yes this is a thing for me. High end ice cream boutiques can charge you as much as £5 to £20 for a cup which I think should be illegal because I paid 10 South African Rands which is the equivalent to approximately 60 pence. That price includes friendly service with a smile and best of all the owner serves you! So if you’re ever traveling and happen to pass by South Africa you should definitely give this place your 60 pence (approximately).

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